SOh It Is

(1997) KRL CDLDL 1259

“Opening with a lively set of reels the standard is set for the rest of the album. Craobh Rua play with a tightness that some other bands only aspire to.” THE LIVING TRADITION

“…the mighty Northern style of Irish Traditional Music cruises through their veins.” FOLK ROOTS

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Track Listing

  1. The Red Crow, The Dawn, The Bianzano (Reels) 5.10
  2. Ye Lovers All (Song) 4.59
  3. Paddy Fahey's, Handy With The Bottle, Maguire's (Double Jigs) 3.37
  4. Wearing The Britches (Song) 3.46
  5. The Cook In The Kitchen (Double Jig) 3.40
  6. Ná Tar Ach San Oíche (Song) 2.30
  7. The Tosa Waltz (Waltz) 3.15
  8. My Charming Nancy Bell (Song) 5.53
  9. The Lads of Laois, The London Lasses, Miss McClouds, The High Road To Linton (Reels) 4.06
  10. The Shore 'Neath The Tide (Song) 6.10
  11. The Ivy Leaf, The Fox On The Town (Reels) 4.36
SOh it Is by Craobh Rua