If Ida Been Here, Ida Been There

(2000) KRL CDLDL 1296

“…the power comes from great playing, tight as a mouse’s ear and a sound balance that is absolutely superb.” IRISH MUSIC MAGAZINE

“First their sound is impeccably tight. Whether playing a complex set of jigs, a bouncy selection of hornpipes or a slow ballad, they never stop impressing you with their crisp, calibrated musical attack.” THE CELTIC CONNECTION

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Track Listing

  1. The Skip Jig Set  (Double Jigs) 4.16
  2. A Man's a Man (Song) 5.08
  3. The Junction Set  (Reels) 3.47
  4. O'Connor's Favourite, The Lass on the Strand (Hornpipes) 3.20
  5. The Belfast Mountains (Song) 4.22
  6. Turlough Óg McDonough (Turlough O'Carolan) 3.34
  7. The Antrim Narrow Gauge Jigs  (Double Jigs) 5.24
  8. The Loch Tay Boat Song (Song) 3.54
  9. Mollie McCarthy, The Road to Ballymac, The Linen Cap (Reels) 3.50
  10. Come Upstairs With Me, The Irish Girl, The Humours of Ballymanus (Slip Jigs) 3.31
  11. Cúl Tiubh Na bPéarlaí (Song) 3.05
  12. The Motorbike Set (Double Jigs) 4.03
  13. The Maid of the House, The Flax in Bloom, The Monasteraden Fancy, The Callan Lasses, The Mountain Top (Reels) 5.36
If I'da Been Here, I'd a Been There by Craobh Rua