Not a Word About It

1990 BTB Records 0010

Track Listing

  1. The Green Gates, The Humours of Scariff, The Mountain Road (Reels) (Arr: B Connolly) 4.48
  2. Bríd Óg Ní Mháille (Song) (Arr: J Byrne) 3.40
  3. The King of the Pipers, Tommy Peoples' Jig, The Monaghan Jig (Double Jigs) (Arr: M Cassidy) 4.56
  4. The Quarrelsome Piper, Alexander’s Hornpipe (Hornpipes) (Arr: B Connolly) 5.30
  5. The Newry Highwayman (Song) (Arr: J Byrne) 3.33
  6. Andy McGann’s, Eileen Curran, Sean Maguire’s (Reels) (Arr: M Cassidy) 4.50
  7. A Health to the Ladies, Cherish the Ladies (Double Jigs) (Arr: B Connolly) 4.25
  8. The Dalesman’s Litany (Song) (Arr: B Connolly, M Cassidy, D McCabe) 5.15
  9. Planxty Charles O’Connor, Planxty George Browne (Turlough O’Carolan) (Arr: B Connolly) 4.06
  10. Easy and Slow (Song) (Arr: B Connolly, M Cassidy, D McCabe) 4.16
  11. The Maids of Montcisco, The Bucks of Oranmore, Christmas Eve (Reels) (Arr: D McCabe) 5.17
Not a Word About It by Craobh Rua